Duplicate patron or user records can be merged where you determine multiple profile and circulation records exist for the same patron. The merge process will merge all user profile data into the preferred user record. Merging records will result in better management and more accurate and informative OPAC displays for your patrons.

Note: The recommended minimum monitor size for merging patron records is 24 inch.

Duplicate Automatic Record Identification

Infiniti can automatically identify and alert about possible duplicate patron records by comparing names. Records are considered to be possible duplicates if an appropriate degree of similarity exists between patron records where multiple patron records have the same:

  • given name and surname, or
  • preferred name and surname, or
  • primary email addresses.

Duplicate Manual Record Identification

You can manually identify known duplicate patron records where you know or expect they exist. Records are considered to be possible duplicates if you select them as possible duplicates.

Duplicate Record Discrepancies

When merging patron records, one record will be the target record and the other record/s will be the source record/s. The target record is the record that will be updated with the merged content. For convenience it is recommended you choose the one you consider to be the most accurate or complete record of the set of possible duplicate records.

Go to > Settings> Users

To retrieve and inspect a set of possible duplicate patron records:
  1. Locate possible duplicate records, i.e., search for patron
  2. All records matching the name will appear on screen
  3. - click the arrow.
  4. .
  5. will display. Note: Possible duplicates will be shaded yellow if detected automatically, otherwise manual selection will be required.
  6. - manually select records to merge.
  7. - to select the patron record that will be the target.
  8. The target record is listed on the left hand panel. The source record/s are listed in a queue on the right hand panel. Note:appearing indicates that a record is only suitable as a source and not a target, usually because the record is not enabled
  9. Pagethrough the queued sources as required.
  10. - to merge the selected record/s into the target record.
  11. - complete the merge. 

Merge Panels

The merge panels display:

  1. One User Target record on the left panel.
  2. One or more queued candidate User Source records on the right panel.
  3. The panels show:
    1. Fields - data fields for the patron record.
    2. Contacts - contacts for the patron.
    3. User Notes - notes about for the patron.
    4. Circulation - circulation records for the patron.

User Target

  1. Switchbetween standard display and full display. Note: Full display uses shading to clearly highlight discrepancies between the target record and each source record, and aligns the fields for easier comparison.
  2. Reverseall field changes.
  3. Editthis data element independently.
  4. Cancelor acceptthe change. Note: These buttons only show if you edit the data element.
  5. Reversethis field change.
  6. This resourcewas originally attached to the target and cannot be removed during the merge process.

User Source

  1. Copyall user source data to the user target - this will overwrite all fields the target already has.
  2. Copyall data missing in the target from the current source to the target.
  3. Copythis data missing in the target from the current source to the target.
  4. before leaving the merge page. You will have an opportunity to confirm final processing before the changes are committed. (Also see Auto Merge below)

Note: To avoid losing any changes made, you must save the record before navigating away from this page.

Delete Source Record

  1. Deleteunwanted source records from the queue after merging. Note: If you choose to delete a user source record a red line will be drawn through its title and the icon will change to red. Source records marked for deletion will automatically move all of their contacts, user notes, and circulation records to the target as part of the save process.

Auto Merge

Auto merge provides a quick way to merge records without reviewing them in detail.

  1. - to automatically merge all data from all user source records into the user target.
  2. Review the process that will occur.
  3. - to process your request if the outcome will be acceptable.

Note: Auto merge is fast and efficient but may produce unexpected results if source records are not checked prior to initiating.

Merge Confirmation

After clickingora confirmation message will display. You can read the summary and:

  1. any records you do not want to merge.
  2. Confirm andto complete the merge, or
  3. Undertaketo correct any issues and merge. Note: Manual merging is required when combining the target and source records requires operator inspection of the data because of possible clashes.