Library groups manage library access rights and portal access rights for students and teachers and each student and teacher can be a member of one or more library groups. Each library group is granted different access rights and privileges, which in turn will be inherited by its members for accessing collections and portals.

Note: All potential members of a library group must be registered with a basic profile before they can be added to a library group and members can be imported into pre-defined library groups.

Create A Library Group

Go to: Configure > Library > Access Control > Library Groups

  1. :
  2. Provide a suitable Name for the library group. If using Infiniti:
    1. Set Max Reservations for this library group:
    2. Global - use default reservation values set in Configure > Settings > Reservations
    3. Custom - record a number of reservations for this group. Note: This value will override the library default reservations. If no value is set the default will apply.
  3. .

Add A Student Or Teacher To A Library Group

Students are automatically assigned to an academic level. Students will inherit their access rights and privileges from their academic level. You can also assign students to library groups to grant them additional access rights and privileges, including access to LibPaths portals. 

Staff members are not in Academic levels, so can only be granted their access rights via a Library Group, e.g., Staff. Note:  If staff members are not added to the relevant Library Groups for access they will have no access.

Go to: Configure > Library > Access Control > Library Groups

  1. Locate the correct Library Group or 
  2. Clickto populate this group with members.
  3. Search for registered patrons (by name, class, year) in the Available list and click individually, or useto select all on left and move to the Selected list.
  4. Click.
  5. The new member/s will be assigned the circulation rights of the library group.

Import Members Into Library Groups

Members can only be imported into pre-defined library groups. Create required library groups as shown above
 before importing. 

Much like the non-interactive ad hoc group import, this interactive process accepts CSV (Comma Separated Value) files that you, or your IT team, have generated from your internal systems. 

Go to: Settings> Users > Import > User Groups

Note: A sample of the CSV file format is provided in the Show Examples space.

  1. Please upload a CSV file by clicking
  2. Choose the Import process:
    1. Add - add users to a group while maintaining the groups and memberships already defined. Note: This process populates all groups for all patrons in the CSV file.
    2. .
    3. Replace - Patrons In File - delete all patrons in the CSV file from existing groups, and then add them to the groups as defined in the CSV file. Note: This process removes patrons from existing groups.
    4. .

Note: Use a replace option when you are replacing or updating existing Infiniti groups with patrons from your import file.

Note: If mistakes are made repeat these steps with fresh data to correct.

Delete A Member From A Library Group

Go to: Configure > Library > Access Control > Library Groups
  1. Locate the group.
  2. - to list all members of this group.
  3. Click individual members on the Selected list to remove them one by one or clickto remove all members.
  4. .

Delete All Members Of A Library Group

Go to: Configure > Library > Access Control > Library Groups
  1. Locate the group to be deleted.
  2. - delete this group. Note: All members of the group are deleted when the group is deleted.