Do you wish to bulk deactivate a subset of your existing users prior to removal in Infiniti?

You can use Reports > User > User export > use filters to choose Year levels or Library Groups > Search.  This will produce a list on the screen of students or Staff with all information listed.

a.  You can just use the list to identify those students to edit and remove the Cohort, form class and de-activate, or .....

b.  There are two other methods you can use to do this in bulk:

1.  Open a second Infiniti tab with Settings cog > Cohorts

  • click on the Members icon for Year N
  • use the list open on the first tab to identify and click on those students in the right hand Selected list 
  • these students will be removed from the selected list as you click on them.
  • Save changes
  • repeat this with the Form classes listed and remove students from the Form classes under the Enrolment tab

2.  To bulk deactivate users from this group by importing a csv file: 

  • choose the Excel icon to export the User list to a spreadsheet
  • Open and sort by Username and retain only those students who need to be deactivated 
  • keep these columns :  1.  Username    2.  Enabled column = 'FALSE'  3. Staff member column = 'FALSE'
  • Save as a csv file with just those 3 columns
  • import the csv file with just those 3 columns selected in the template

Those students will now be deactivated and appear in Settings cog > Users > User Purge for permanent purging.