Let's explore the differences between Library Groups and System Groups

All users in Infiniti draw their Circulation Access rights from the group of which they area member.

For students, this means their Academic year level which can be viewed in Configure > Access Control > Academic levels and the relevant Student Circulation rights.

For non-students, this means the Library Group to which they are added and which controls their Circulation access.  eg. Staff, Library staff, External, Parents, etc.  These Library groups can be viewed, edited or a new one added in Configure > Access Control > Library groups.

Library groups must have Sites turned ON and be attached to a relevant Circulation Right for members to see resources on the OPAC and also borrow those resources turned ON.

Library groups do not bestow any role privileges to their members; they just group members and give OPAC and borrowing resource access.  they also allow reporting on that group's borrowing activities.

System Groups are pre-defined with core roles in Infiniti and bestow role privileges to certain functionality within Infiniti when selected in a User's record.

Go to: Settings> System Settings
  • Library Users  - base privilege and mandatory for all users to login, search the catalogue, and access profile information. Note: All patrons must be in Library Users as a basic privilege; other system group membership is in addition to Library Users.
  • Self Service self - allows user to login and self issue loans only to self by using library barcode. OPAC search is available but no returns functionality.  User logs out when loans issued.
  • Self Service anyone - allows user to login and issue loans to all Library users including self. OPAC is available but no returns functionality.  If user is also a Staffmember, patron search by name is available. Note: 45 second timeout to clear patron occurs when a patron is selected and then left unattended.
  • Library Circulation Only  - read about circulation users here - one or more can be added on to also provide ability to Issue and return either for Self, or for others.  
  • Can Override Circulation blocks -  Library Circulation only role does not allow overriding blocks but this role can be added to allow overrides.
  • Librarian - access to all library management functions, but not the User menus under the Settings cog. Replaces Library Circulation Only with full access to all library functionality.
  • Can Edit Assigned Portals - portal manager can grant portal edit rights. Note: This is 2-part process. After a teacher has been granted this privilege, their name will appear on the audience list of Teacher Editors for each portal.
  • System Administrator - access to all administration functions and all library management functions - highest privileges.

If you edit your own user record, you can see that you are in a certain library group which controls your OPAC and borrowing rights. You may also be in at least one of these three system groups: 
  • Library user - mandatory for basic borrowing and OPAC
  • Librarian - added on to give all librarian functionality
  • System Admin - added on to give access to the Settings cog and all user and system setups.

Omit System Admin to limit to Librarian.  
Omit Librarian and substitute Library circulation only if you only wish to give a basic circulation role.  
Add on Can override circulation blocks to allow circulation with the ability to override any blocking messages.
Always retain Library users for all active users.
DO NOT add on lesser System groups to Librarian or System Admin patrons, as the lesser roles are contained in the higher level roles.