As exports of large Bibliographic or Resource files can be demanding on both local and shared processing resources, Infiniti Task Manager automatically schedules these tasks to run overnight at off-peak times.

Scheduled Tasks

The Task Manager works silently in the background examining every submitted export request and automatically runs a task on demand or schedules it to run overnight based on the processing resources required. Scheduled tasks can be removed prior to the process running, otherwise the output file from the tasks can be retrieved the following day.

Go to: Settings> Tasks

  1. If the number of records exceeds 1,000:
    1. For each requested export the tab queue will display:
    2. Created - date and time the export job request was created.
    3. Job - name given to the scheduled task.
    4. Task - description of the schedule task.
    5. Scheduled - execution time for the export.
    6. Status:
      1. - request awaiting processing.
      2. - queued request was cancelled.
      3.  - queued request has been processed.
    7. Examinethe export parameters in more detail.
    8. Optionally Run Right Now. Note: The Task Manager dynamically decides if this option should be made available.
    9. Optionally cancelthe export process.
    10. For each requested export thetab queue will display:
      1. Createddate and time the export job was created.
      2. Jobname give to the export.
      3. Taskdescription of the export.
      4. Scheduledexecution time for the export.
      5. Status:
        1. - queued request was cancelled.
        2. - queued request has been processed.
    11. Download - click on {file name} to download. Note: Files are identified as .csv or .mrc based on export request.
    12. Examinethe export parameter in more detail.
    13. Optionally removethe record of the export process. Note: Good practice is to keep this audit list up to date.

Note: You should download exported files in a timely manner. Exported files are automatically deleted from the Infiniti cloud after a short period of time.