Infiniti email messages are automatically dispatched from the Infiniti cloud server on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You may choose to dispatch email messages from an alternate server. Delivery of email via non-AWS servers may be slower.


Note: The following tasks should be implemented by an IT specialist who has competency with email messaging.


Go to: Settings  > Settings > Integration > Email Dispatch

AWS Server Dispatch

  1. Library Email Address is set by default to  Note:  this email address will be used regardless of entering another address in this box.
  2. as From: address:    Library email address will be the From: address if using a custom email relay, or if the From: address has been verified by Amazon; otherwise a Reply-To: address will be used and the From: will be 
  3. BCC Multiple Recipients : turn to allow possible blind carbon copying to multiple contacts where discretion is required. Note: Some email recipients require their email to be BCC'ed for privacy reasons.
  4. Choose {Amazon} as the Email Relay.
  5. Verified Amazon From: Addresses will display the email address if verified by AWS. Note: The school email from addresses must be verified before it will be used. An Infiniti default address ( will be used as default from address prior to verification.  Please email Concord support with a request if email verification is required.
  6. .
Note: Test and verify the email dispatch is working as expected.

Non-AWS Server Dispatch
  1. Choose {Custom} as the Email Relay.
  2. Record Server details eg.   Port no. 25     Plain SMTP
  3. Set Username as required.
  4. Set Password as required.
  5. Set Rate Limit as required.
  6. .
Note: Test and verify the email dispatch is working as expected.