Warning: Before transferring, importing or updating any new staff or student accounts for each academic school year, it is important to run the EOY/SOY Rollover and associated procedures.

Follow these End of Year - Start of Year Essential Tasks steps in the precise order below to successfully rollover current students from one academic year to the next in just a few minutes.

Sequential Steps

The following steps are in correct sequence. Read the steps and link to the respective further documentation in each step prior to starting your rollover process:

  1. Run the end of year - start of year rollover for and set current academic period (part of the Rollover)
  2. Create a new academic cohort for the lowest incoming year level, e.g., new Prep year - Class of 2029 in a Primary school;  New year 7 - Class of 2028 in a High School.  Ensure the End date year nnnn matches the new incoming Cohort  Class of Year nnnn
  3. Step through manual patron registration or ad hoc patron import to add academic year levels and form classes. Note: If you are intending to import patrons you will need the appropriate CSV file ready before starting an import.
  4. If using Infiniti:
    1. Set the Holiday Calendar rules for your library before loaning any resources.
    2. If you have set a Circulation Right which applies a fixed due date, then you must adjust these circulations rights accordingly.
    3. Add students and staff to appropriate Library Groups.
  5. If using LibPaths:
    1. Add students and staff to appropriate Library Group.