Infiniti provides a list of academic periods, only one of which can be current at any time. You are required to nominate which Academic Period is the current academic period for the current school year. Academic Periods reflect the naming convention you use to identify each academic period from school year to school year.

Note: It is essential to ensure that you nominate which Academic Period is current either at the very end of the outgoing year after EOY Rollover of year levels, or at the beginning of the new school year before any patron import occurs. This is an essential step to ensure that your patron imports align with the correct Cohorts, Academic Year levels and most importantly Form classes.  Old Form classes are left behind with the closed Academic period.

Note: Best practice is to set the new Academic Period before importing your patrons for the new school year.  Form classes are archived in the old Academic period, so do not import Form classes until the Rollover is finished and the Academic period set to the new year.

Go to: Settings > Cohorts > Academic Periods

  1. Check beside the Current Period.  eg. 2021, or 2020/21 in the northern hemisphere
  2. Click the Update buttonon the pop-up screen to set the new Academic Period.
  3. This auto updates the Academic period for each Cohort in use.
  4. Form classes imported now will appear under the current Academic Period.