At the end of each academic year (or the beginning of the new academic year), after all borrowing ceases, a set of routines must be run in order to:

  1. Graduate the leaving Cohort of students, e.g., year 6 (top of primary or elementary school), year 12 (top of high school).
  2. Rollover the remaining academic levels to their new year level (includes auto update of academic period to new year).
  3. Add the new incoming Cohort, e.g., Prep (bottom of primary or elementary school), year 7 (bottom of high school).
  4. Set the holiday calendar to provide EOY control on due dates for different groups, and vacation borrowing.
  5. Update existing and import new students into Infiniti.
  6. Update form classes for existing students.
  7. Optionally remove graduated/left users with no loans outstanding.

The following steps with links are provided to assist in working through these steps.

1. Rollover existing students, set new Academic period, add the incoming Cohort

  1. Run the Rollover routine and add the new incoming Cohort (includes auto set of the new Academic period).

2. Holiday Calendar Update

  1. Some loans, especially textbook and year long loans, can create due dates for return in the following academic year. To avoid this occurring, review the instructions on how to configure your Holiday Calendar to ensure all long loans are captured at the end of the current year.
  2. If you wish to issue loans across a holiday period you will need to check your Holiday Calendar as the year end approaches as per step 2. in the solution.

3. User Imports

Note: It is very important to run the Rollover and set the new Academic Period before importing users and adding new Form classes.

  1. Check that the Academic Period is set to the new current year if not already done in above - the Rollover process. See how to do this... 
  2. Add new, and update existing students with cohorts and form classes as per Step 2 above. See how to do this...
  3. Add just new Form Classes for all existing students. See how to do this...
  4. All new Staff. Note: Staff members do not have cohorts or form classes (remember after importing staff to add them to the appropriate library group in Configure > Access controls > Library Group > Staff).
  5. Add/update Student and Staff Images (optional). See how to do this...

4.  User removal

  1. Removal of graduated and left users (optional). See how to do this...