You can import existing patrons into groups within respective Academic Year levels. While these groups may be named variously as Form, House, Care, Home, or other naming convention, Infiniti refers to them as form classes. For existing students only, you may import a CSV file of just 2 columns: username and form class. You may also import a CSV file containing all fields including graduating year and form class.

Note: New students cannot be imported with just these two fields until they are registered and must first be registered as per these instructions.

All other extra groups for students are managed in library groupsAfter patrons have been imported, patron contacts can be manually entered or imported.

Hints and Tips:

  • You can drag the column headings on the Infiniti import screen to match your data import file column order.
  • Leading zeros in a column must be formatted as text, e.g., numerical ID’s or form classes. In Excel, right-click on the column > format cells > number tab > text > OK
  • Make sure there are no formulas or filter in your data columns
  • The header row can be left in the import file. It will not import and will be displayed as an invalid line, however it will not stop the other lines in the data file importing.
  • NBAlways check the Preview display on the screen to ensure your file columns are lined up beneath the correct field names.  If in doubt, click Cancel, re-align the data and start the import Preview again.

Go to: Settings> Users > Import > Users

  1. The  is a mandatory field/attribute for every import.
  2. Click Deselect All before starting, to clear all ticked fields from the template
  3. Check  for just the Form class field if you are importing  just Username and Form class fields.
  4. Click  to locate the CSV file to import.
  5. Click  to inspect the CSV file to be imported. Note: The import will create any new form classes in the file and remove students from previous form classes. A report will display data in columns and you can highlight invalid records before processing the file.
  6. To make any changes, Cancel, correct the import file, and repeat Step 4.
  7. Click Process and wait for the import to finish.

Managing Form Classes/Adding Instructors :

Go to: Settings Enrolment 
  1. Form classes appear under the appropriate Year tab for the Academic Period (e.g., 2019) into which they were imported.
  2. Click  to open a form class.
  3. In the Available list on the tab click the teacher's name to assign them to the form class.
  4. In the Available list on the  tab click the user's name to assign them to the form class.
  5. Click  to return to the enrolment screen.
  6. Click  to add new form class.
  7. Students may be add and removed from the form classes as required.
  8. Click  to remove a form class.