Patrons (students and teachers) who are no longer members of your library community should be deactivated immediately. They can be deactivated individually or they can be deactivated in a batch or bulk process. Deactivation processing should be done after the EOY rollover and the import of new patrons, and at regular intervals throughout the year to cater for your community turnover.

Note: Loan statistics of removed patrons will be retained if your library settings are set to retain historical loans.

Deactivate Individual Patrons

Go to: Settings> Users 

  1. Search for the patron.
  2. Click the {patron's name}.
  3. Uncheck Enabled.
  4. .

Deactivate Patrons In Bulk

  1. Prepare a CSV file consisting of 2 columns - username, enabled.
  2. Go to > Settings > Users > Import.
  3. Deselect all checked columns except username and enabled.
  4. Import the prepared CSV file.

Deactivate Patrons After EOY Processing

Note: This option can only be utilised Immediately after EOY processing and before student form classes are imported.

Go to:  Reports > User > User export > use filters to choose year levels > Search.  

This will produce a list of all year selected students with all information listed:

  1. Click the Excel icon to export the list to a spreadsheet.
  2. Delete the lines above the headings in the Excel file.
  3. Sort by Form class to group all those with no form class.
  4. Retain those students who need to be deactivated in the file.
  5. Delete all columns except:  username, graduated year, enabled, and staff member.
  6. Set enabled = FALSE and staff member column = FALSE.
  7. Save the CSV file.
  8. Go to > Settings > Users > Import.
  9. Import the prepared CSV file.

Students listed in the import file will be disabled.

Note: The Graduated cohort has already been deactivated in the EOY rollover, so these students are also ready for removal. Students with outstanding loans will have to be processed individually.