Adding copies or holdings to a bibliographic record is the second part of the process of cataloguing a book, following the creation or importing of the bibliographic record for the book. Each bibliographic record can have one or more copies attached to it. 

Note: Before adding a book to your catalogue you should first check to see if you have a bibliographic record for the book already in your catalogue.

Add A Copy To An Existing Bibliographic Record

Note: Copies can be added directly to a bibliographic record bypassing the acquisitions process or they can be added to a bibliographic record via Acquisitions.

Go to: Cataloguing

  1. Search for the book being catalogued using:
    • ISBN if it should be in your catalogue or it is a new title or
    • Barcode if you think it should be in your catalogue and isbn fails to find it or
    • Title if you think it should be in your catalogue and isbn and barcode fail to find it or
    • one of the other search options if ISBN, Barcode, and Title failed to find it
      Note: If the bibliographic record is not retrieved from your catalogue and displayed you will first have to create it manually or import a suitable bibliographic record from a suitable Z39.50 source.
  2. Click on the Catalogue icon- to open the bibliographic record.
  3. Click on the Copies tab
  4. Click the button to add copies:
    1. Site - which library will this copy be stored in
    2. Section - what section of the library
    3. Status - what will be its initial availability
    4. Budget - source of funds used to pay for this copy
    5. - optionally tick to Instruct Infiniti to remember settings above for the next copy/copies. Untick to not remember them. Note: Default settings are recorded in Configure > Cataloguing.
    6. Record acquisitions information as required:
      1. Supplier - choose from the list.
      2. Invoice Number - as supplied or a pseudo number.  Note: Invoice number must be added if a supplier is selected
      3. Cost - actual cost
      4. Replacement Cost - estimated cost to replace
    7. Bibliographic Call Number - generated from the Classification+Main Entry on the bibliographic record and can only be changed at that level. 
    8. Local Call Number Override - type your preferred call number for spine labels and search results displays if different from the Bibliographic Call Number displayed above. Note: This call number will be printed on spine labels, reports, and displayed on search screens.
    9. Scan, type, or paste one or more barcodes (multiple copies can be pasted, typed or scanned into this box).
    10. - optionally add barcodes to new resources label queue. Note: If cataloguing an item that does not require a spine label or location label, this box can be unticked.
    11. .