Manual cataloguing of ebooks :

  • Use the Ebook template from the Cataloguing screen
  • Fill in all the fields including ISBN if available (do not use the Wheelers GUT codes for Gutenberg books as they are invalid)
  • Save the Bib record
  • Click on 'Add resource'
  • Choose appropriate age-based Digital Site for ebook (section is Digital by default) eg. Site = 'Digital - general'
  • Status is 'Online' to view on Opac ('Offline' hides the resource from the Opac)
  • Click the Copyright button if the standard copyright notice is to be displayed
  • Paste the URL for the ebook link into the Link box, or...
  • Upload the actual file of the ebook (eg. PDF, Epub) using the 'Upload digital resource' link
  • Optionally add a label for the link. eg. Title of resource
  • Save the link record

Note for manually adding URLs for e-platform ebooks. eg. Wheelers:

The easiest way to manually add a URL link for e-platforms is to:

  • open your Wheelers (or other) website on a tab beside Infiniti
  • search Wheelers (or other) for the title or ISBN and 
  • paste the URL from the Wheelers (or other) tab into the Infiniti link box on the Infiniti tab.
  • you may wish to add a 'Link label' which will replace the URL on the opac

eg. = Time machine by H G Wells - paste this link into the Infiniti link.

       If you add a Link Label called' Time Machine', this will be seen on the Opac link instead of