Bulk loans describes a set of resources added to a Resource box and the box loaned to one User for class use. The already catalogued items to be loaned are permanently or temporarily added to an existing catalogued Resource box.  

The Resource box and contents can be returned in one action and the contents then run through a box audit to verify all have returned in the box.  Alternatively, the items from the box may be returned separately from the box. They may also be loaned separately if Removed from the box to the shelf.

Note:  loaning individual items with 'In box' status to a borrower will result in the loans not displaying successfully on the current loans tab in Circulation.  This occurs because the Resource box containing the items must be loaned to the borrower so that the box loans show correctly on the Box loans tab in current loans. Items should be Removed from the box before individual loan as noted in Step 5 below.

Step 1:

Create a Resource box catalogue record:

  • use Catalogue > choose Physical template > Resource Box
  • Fill in required fields (Title and Main entry mandatory) > Save
  • Add Copy with barcode and relevant Site, Section.

Step 2:

Add previously catalogued items to the Resource box:

  • Open the catalogue record for the Resource box from the Catalogue screen or Opac with the catalogue icon .
  • Click on the Items in Box tab
  • Use the button and use the Scan or type in barcode  box to scan or type all the barcodes of items into the box. 
  • The items will appear with In Box status initially
  • Note:  Items can be removed from the box by using the X to the right of each barcode.   eg.

Note:  When viewing the copies tab of a bibliographic record which has attached items in a box, they will display a particular icon which is clickable and will flip the user to the Items in box tab of the relevant resource box in which that item resides.  All copies in the box will be displayed as per the screenshot shown in Step 2 above.  eg.

Step 3:

  • Loan the box to a User normally by scanning the Resource box barcode only.
  • Box contents will have 'On loan' status as does the Resource box.  eg.

Step 4:

Return the Resource box:

  • Scan the Resource box barcode in Returns and the box and contents will all return together.
  • The contents will return to the box with In Box status now instead of 'On loan' status
  • To verify all items have returned with the box, scan the content barcodes into the ?Check item box.  This will show any items unreturned with the box.
  • If items are returned individually before the Resouce box is returned, the box will automatically return itself if ALL contents were first returned.  eg. 

Step 5: (optional)

Remove items from the box:

Items can be removed from the box by using the X to the right of each barcode as shown in the screenshot in Step 2 above