1. Create a new Subscription for a hard copy periodical or magazine:

  • Go to Cataloguing (side menu) > Subscriptions (tab across the top) > click > complete the screen as per screenshot steps:
  1. Enter the ISSN.  This is mandatory and should be the real ISSN if possible as it is propagated through all the issues.  It is found inside the magazine cover or by internet search.  If none exists, an abbreviated journal name may be used but not a URL.
  2. Enter title or choose from drop-down after starting to type
  3. Enter total cost for one subscription duration. eg.  total subscription amount for ONE year (Infiniti will multiply by no. of years itself). Do not enter the price per issue.
  4. Enter number of issues expected in one subscription duration.  eg.  52 (if one per week)
  5. Enter start and end dates for the subscription duration.  eg.  01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018  for one year
  6. Add the number of copies of each Subscription Issue and choose the Budget Department paying for that subscription copy or copies.  If you have more than one department paying for the subscription copies, click to enter the other budget/s and copy or copies.
        Note:  at least one Subscription Copy must be entered when setting up the subscription or the subscription will not be saved

     7.  Save changes.  eg.

2. Receive Issues:

Click here : Receive Issues in Subscriptions including Missing issues

3. Reactivate a Subscription from Subscription History tab:

Once the end date of a subscription date range is reached the subscription automatically goes into Subscription history.

If all issues have not been received for a subscription, you are able to:

  • go to the Subscription History tab
  • find the subscription
  • click on the edit pen beside the price
  • edit the end date of the subscription to a current or future date and Save
  • the subscription will appear on the Current subscriptions tab as an active subscription
Note:  subscriptions which are fully received and also have an end date earlier than the current date cannot be edited or returned to the current subscriptions tab.  The subscription will then need to be renewed through the Renew subscription link.