All resources are categorised or tagged with an attribute called Section (where located within a Site). The name of each section attribute may be edited. New sections can be created and existing sections can be merged or removed.

Manage Sections

Sections are collections of similar resources within a site. Sections can be:

  • Categorical - Fiction, Non-fiction, Teacher Reference, Genre, or
  • Durational (used mainly for assets or Textbooks) - short term loan, Long term loan, or
  • Digital - ALL digital resources are automatically placed into the Digital Section as part of cataloguing a Digital Media type.

Resources may be placed in a section that may not be available to all patrons, i.e., sections can be used for a second level of restricted access. Access to sections is provided by setting up Circulation Rights for groups of patrons and a section or groups of sections. 

There are no rules governing the number of sections you may define, but the number of sections may be influenced by the size of your school and physical collections of resources. As a guide you will have only one system digital section and could have multiple physical sections based on the collections of resources and assets required in your catalogue.

Create A New Section

Go to: Configure > Library > Sections 
  1. Click:
    1. Provide a short descriptive Name.
    2. Reservable - select. Note: Default setting is reservable, change only for sections on which you do not want patrons to be able to place reservations.
    3. .

Note:  Access to new sections is provided by setting up Circulation Rights for groups of patrons and a section or groups of sections.

Add the new section to the relevant circulation right in Configure > Access control > Circulation rights > drop down the Circulation Right/s and clickthe new section.

Review A Section

Go to: Configure > Library > Sections

Click the {titles count} associated with the section to navigate to Reports > Catalogue > Resources for this section. Note: The {title count} represents the number of copies or holdings of the resource in the section.

  1. Switcha section to prevent it from being included in OPAC search results.
  2. Edita Section name. The change will be immediately reflected in all copy records in the Section.
  3. Mergeone section into another. Note: This action is not reversible.
  4. Deleteempty sections except for the system Digital section.

Set Sections As Non-reservable

You can configure a sections as non-reservable to prevent patrons from placing reservations on resources in the section.

Go to: Configure > Library > Sections

  1. Edita section name.
  2. SwitchReservable.
  3. .