Each resource in the catalogue has a Status (On shelf, On loan, Lost, etc.) attribute. Some statuses change dynamically as an item is processed through different scenarios. Some statuses are changed manually as the library manager needs to reflect a status change that can't be dynamically changed. The name of each status may be edited to reflect the language you would prefer.

Manage Statuses

By default, Infiniti has a number of reserved statuses which are conveniently displayed in italic font for ease of identification or recognition. You can change their name but they will always display in italic font. Reserved statuses are used for automatic and dynamic background processing in some areas.

Statuses represent the current state of a resource which in turn will determine its findability and availability. When an event occurs, e.g., scan a barcode or click a button, a resource's status will change automatically and dynamically, e.g., from On Shelf to On Loan, or from On Loan to On Shelf. Automatic status changes are always triggered by an event.

Some statuses can and must be changed manually because they cannot be triggered by an event other than an operator manually changing their status in the catalogue, e.g., withdraw a book from normal circulation for repair. Manual status changes should be done with care as they can distort reporting and manual changes often have to be reversed manually, although some manually set statuses will change if they are exposed to a triggering event, e.g., a book withdrawn for repair book is loaned to a borrower.


You can use statuses to hide/show resources in your catalogue, e.g., hide resources that are in a workroom being catalogued or repaired, or hide resources that are online but not currently available.

Reserved Status Description

Status Name
What is it used for?
How did it get this status?
Held for PickupItem that was reserved is now being held at the reservations counter for collection. The button was clicked and the item was returned from loan by scanning its barcode. The borrower who placed the reservation has been notified by email if reservation email scenarios are enabled.
In BoxItem that has been barcoded and catalogued is stored in a box, bag, or other container rather than directly on a library shelf.This status was applied when the item was deliberately located into a box using the tab in cataloguing.
In TransitItem is in transit between campus/es or campus libraries.An item was reserved on another campus or in another on campus library. Multi-campus switch has to be enabled.
LostItem has been lost and the identity of the person who lost it is known.A library manager has clicked the Lost () icon on a borrower's record.
Missing - StocktakeItem has been marked missing by the stocktake process.The person who completed the stocktake has clicked thebutton.
Off LineDigital item is no available to load or open.The library manager manually changed the status from On Line.
On LineDigital item is available to load or open.The library manager manually changed the status from Off Line or it was newly curated and placed On Line.
On LoanItem is on loan to a borrower.The library manager has scanned the barcode of the item to register it as a loan for a borrower.
On OrderItem is currently part of an order that has been placed with a supplier.The library manager clicked thebutton on the Order Details screen.
On ShelfItem is currently on the shelf.The button was clicked and the item was returned from loan by scanning its barcode, or the item was newly catalogued.
Order CreatedItem has been placed on a list of possible future purchases.The library manager has initiated the process of recording the item for a possible future purchase.
QuarantinedItem has been placed into quarantine.The library manager has set a switch to place all items returning from loan into quarantine, and the button was clicked and the item was returned from loan by scanning its barcode.
RemovedItem has placed in a rubbish bin for possible permanent purge from the catalogue. The library manager manually changed the status from its current status to Removed.
Work RoomItem is new and is in the process of being catalogued or it has been withdrawn for repair.Status was set during cataloguing or status was manually changed at the time the item was withdrawn.

Note: Infiniti automatically manages the process of changing reserved statuses using triggers, so generally you will not change reserved statues from one status to another for resources manually.

Status Controls For Resources

Go to: Configure > Library > Statuses

  1. Identify status to configure .
    1. Searchable in OPAC -  to allow resources with this status to be found during anOPAC search.
    2. Available for Loan - to allow physical resources with this status to be borrowed, or digital resources with this status to be accessed. Note: Other borrowing rules may combine with this setting to determine if this rule applies to a borrower.

Edit A Status

Go to: Configure > Library > Statuses
  1. Retrieve and review the resources tagged with a specific status:
    1. Click the {titles count} associated with the status to navigate to Reports > Catalogue > Resources for this status. Note: The {title count} represents the number of copies or holdings of the resource in the status.
  2. - edit Status name to a term you prefer for your library. The change will be immediately reflected in all copy records with that status. Note: Reserved statuses remain in italic font.
  3. Mergeone status into another. Note: This action is not reversible.

Note: Reserved Statuses cannot be merged or deleted.

Add Custom Defined Statuses

Generally the reserved statuses will serve the requirements for most libraries, but you are able to define custom statuses to address states that are important in your library should you need them, e.g., if you decide that a book is missing because you can't locate it, you may create a status called Cannot Locate. Note: You can generate reports on items with custom statuses.

There are no rules governing the number of statuses you can define and use, but a rule of thumb is to add statuses sparingly, e.g., you could add a status for resource that might be temporarily put into a closed reserve state for restricted access. Note: If you add custom status/es you will have to manage them manually.

Go to: Configure > Library > Statuses

  1. - add a new status:
    1. Provide a short, descriptive Name.
    2. .