1.  Receive Issues:


When an issue arrives, go to Catalogue > Subscriptions > click on  the eye icon to view the received subscription > click on button:

  1. Enter Volume number received or leave blank if none
  2. Enter Issue number received 
  3. If all copies of this issue are received at once, can tick the All copies received, otherwise follow the screen shot to receive those copies that have arrived for different budgets
  4. Click button and Infiniti will create the Bibliographic record for this issue with the received copies attached.



2.  View and edit Bib record just created:


There may be extra metadata which you wish to add to the newly created Bib record for your subscription.  This can be added and saved along with subject headings.

 Table of contents tab can be used to catalogue articles which can be searched on the Opac.



3.  View and edit copies just created:


Newly created copies require:


  1. click Edit icon beside each new copy
  2. add barcode 
  3. perhaps alter Site and 
  4. alter Section from the System defaults
  5. change status 'Catalogue' to 'On shelf'
  6. optionally add Supplier (with Invoice number to avoid an open order)
  7. optionally add individual issue price/replacement prices
  8. optionally change local call number
  9. Save changes

4. Receive Missing copies of an issue at a later date:


A late arrival copy is received differently to the original copies of an issue received.


1. When an outstanding issue arrives after all the other copies of that issue, go to:

  • Catalogue > Subscriptions > click on  the eye icon to view the received subscription
  • Click on + button beside the Issue with missing copies as per the following screenshot:



2. After clicking the button :


  • Select the missing copy which is now being added to the already existing Bib record
  • Click  button for the missing copy of that issue
  • Edit the new copy to add barcode and alter other information as above in Step 3.  View and edit Copies