Spinney Press publish their Issues in Society series in both physical and digital form.  The Digital form is normally a PDF file supplied along with the physical book.

All Spinney Press PDFs have a separate ISBN and are found in the SCIS or Libraries Australia catalogues so are able to be imported using your relevant  Z3950 connection in Infiniti.  The PDF can then be uploaded as a digital file to the Link tab on the new Bibliographic record.

Note:  all file uploads are limited to 32mb

Currently you add the PDF as a new Bib record, Media type 'ebook'.  The PDF will have a separate ISBN if it is a true ebook (eg. all Spinney Press publications do).


A. Search SCIS or LA for the ISBN of the PDF version and download it as an ebook if the record exists.  


For example:


  1. Go to Catalogue menu
  2. Scan or enter the ISBN or title of the ebook
  3. Click Search
  4. If not found in My Library, click on the relevant (SCIS or LA)  Z3950 link
  5. Click on the Catalogue import icon for the correct ebook Bibliographic record which appears.  This will open the record on screen.  eg.




B.  Click on the  Links tab and the button.


This enables you to upload the PDF file into Infiniti and store it in a Digital Site appropriate to the audience. (eg.  Digital - General, Digital - Senior, etc.)


Do not try to add a link, but use the the blue 'Upload digital resource' to browse your folder and upload the correct PDF for this ISBN and title.  eg.



C.  Your Link record will look like this after saving:




Note:  If the record does not exist in SCIS or LA for the ebook, it can be catalogued manually, or the print Bibliographic record can be Copy-catalogued and edited to change the Media type to 'ebook', change the ISBN and any other metadata.


The Support portal link for basic digital cataloguing both Z950 and manually is here.  More details on ebook imports are also found in the Support Portal at this link.