Some resources contain contents specifically sought after by users. These resources could be made easier to find with extra information added in Table of contents.  

Table of contents are designed to provide extra metadata and searching ability for specific elements of a resource whether physical or digital.  eg.

  • A periodical article on Climate change in an issue of National Geographic - add title, author, subject headings as a TOC to the issue of Nat Geographic and this can be searched and found from the Opac.
  • poetry anthologies - add each poem title/author as a TOC entry so students can find specific poems/poets in anthologies
  • compendiums of novels - add each title and note to a separate TOC
  • chapters relevant to specific subjects - add TOC entries for each chapter with relevant notes and subjects so students/teachers can find relevant materials for assignment/unit work
  • DVDs - TOC entries can be used for multiple programs
  • CDs - TOC entries can be used for each song title along with artist, etc.
  • Kindles/ ereaders - TOC entries may be used to note all ebook programs pre-stored on these devices so students can find the e-titles they wish to borrow and know which device has the title.
  • Websites, PDF files - multiple digital links can be saved as an ebinder with TOC entries describing contents of the different digital files and links attached.

Cataloguing > {resource} > Table of Contents

After cataloguing or retrieving a Bibliographic record:

  1. Click  to add a new table of contents item and record:

    1. Title - of the item
    2. Author - if available
    3. Collation - page number, pages or time
    4. Notes - notes or abstract
    5. Subjects -  for the item
  2. Click 

Note: Table of contents title, author, notes and subjects will be automatically searched at OPAC ensuring resources containing these search terms will be retrieved and the table of contents exposed on the details page of the record.  An example of a periodical with TOC entries is shown below from an Opac search:

1.  Search term = climate change

2. Details screen shows TOC entries including article title 'Climate change : 7 things you need to know'.