Currently duplicate subscriptions with received copies and/or duplicate received issues cannot be just removed or deleted.

They can be managed appropriately as detailed below.

1.  Duplicate subscriptions:

There is no current method of just deleting an unwanted subscription if you have already received at least one copy.  If no copies have been received, the subscription may be cancelled with the cancel icon.  

However in the example of a 2015 magazine subscription which was added twice, the incorrect one cannot be deleted as there is a valid copy attached for February 2015.


The best method to use in this case is to edit the subscription to adjust :

  • dates to just accommodate the copies received (in this case February 2015), 
  • adjust the price for the issue/s received ($ for Feb issue) 
  • adjust the copies expected to just those attached (in this case 1)
  • Save changes

This particular subscription has now moved itself into Subscription history as the February 2015 end date has passed.  The valid copy is still visible in the Opac. 

2.  Duplicate received Issues:

You cannot currently remove the entry for a received copy in a subscription even though the Bib record and copy were Removed.

The best practice here is to use the existing extra record for the next issue which arrives and edit accordingly.  Resurrect the Bib record and copy that you wished to remove for the magazine name.  Edit the entry to indicate it will become the next issue received.


When the next issue arrives, do not receive it with the Receive button, just edit the existing expected entry with the Catalogue icon, update data for the Bib record, then edit the attached copy with barcode and other required data.