A graphical image, called a cover image, can be displayed in numerous locations to add visual clarity and representation for both book and non-book items listed. The image displayed is the image stored or linked as a component of a book's bibliographic record, or, in the case of non-book items, its descriptive record. When a book's bibliographic record is retrieved then the actual cover image for the title will be displayed if it is available. When a non-book item'd descriptive record is retrieved then the cover image uploaded for the item will be displayed if it is available. If no graphical image is detected as part of the record then the item's media type icon will be presented as a stylised image of the icon.

A cover image is a component part of the bibliographic record for each unique book title usually identified by the book's 10 or 13 ISBN or, in the case of non-book items, it can be included as a component part of each unique item's descriptive record. Cover images encourage student engagement and provide clarity.

Note: The term "cover image" refers to the graphical representation of any item in your catalogue; books, games, kits, cameras, computers, mobile devices, websites, audio files, video files, et al.

Sources of Covers Images

Cover images can be:

  • sourced externally from a commercial supplier - a licence or subscription is required to access these services
  • sourced externally from a free source - no licence or subscription is required to access these services
  • created and uploaded locally

Images sourced externally are retrieved by matching the bibliographic record's ISBN in the source's image library and the quality of cover image retrieved is entirely dependent on the source image library.

Note: If a graphical cover image is not available from any source, and a local image is not manually uploaded, a substitute pseudo image of the media type icon assigned to the media name in Configure > Library > Media Types will automatically be displayed in its stead.

Go to: Configure > Integrations > Cover Images

ProQuest Syndetics

  1. - retrieve images from Syndetics. Note: These images may come directly from Syndetics or they may come indirectly from a third party service such as SCIS.
  2. .

Bibliographic Data Services (BDS)

  1. - retrieve images from BDS.
  2. .

Open Library (Free)

  1. - retrieve images from open library.
  2. .

Cover Size Fallback

  1. - to initiate retrieval of a larger image where possible.
  2. .

Show Cover Origin

  1. - a two letter display indicating which image has been sourced. Note: This display option may be useful for management to assist in determining the quality of cover images from different image suppliers and is not persistent.
  2. .