Infiniti supports EBSCO NoveList by utilising data prepared and distributed by EBSCO, Inc. Schools synchronise their catalogue on demand with an EBSCO database. When you school first starts using NoveList, and subsequently after adding new bibliographic records to your catalogue, your catalogue should be resynchronised with the EBSCO database.

Note: NoveList may record some statistics each time you connect to it. Check with your EBSCO representative for clarification.

Enable NoveList Select In Infiniti

Go to: Configure > Integrations > NoveList Select

  1. Contact EBSCO NoveList Select Support to enable NoveList Select Profile.
  2.  - enable NoveList.
  3. Enter details supplied by NoveList Select Support:
    1. Novelist Profile
    2. Profile Password
  4. Details Tab Label (Infiniti) - the name you want displayed when NoveList Select data is available.
  5. .

Synchronise And Share Your Catalogue With NoveList Select Support

Note: This process should be followed on a periodic basis as your catalogue changes.

Access NoveList Select

  1. From the OPAC or My Lists:
  2. Click title or cover image of a displayed record.
  3. Choosetab for more information if available.