You can export or download bibliographic from your catalogue for a range of purposes. Once an export list prepared it can be exported or downloaded in a number of different formats. Lists with up to 1,000 records will be downloaded immediately, while lists with more than 1,000 records will be scheduled automatically for download by the Task Manager. 

Export Records

Note: If the number of records to be exported exceeds 1,000 the export process will be scheduled automatically to run overnight.

After preparing a report the resultant records can be exported to either a CSV file (eg. Accelerated Reader, Scholastic) or a MARC21 file (eg. EBSCO DS, Syndetics Unbound). 

Exported files can be subsequently imported into other applications that support these file formats as required. 

eg. Accelerated Reader requires 3 columns in a csv file: ISBN, Title, Author.  The csv file export contains many more columns than these 3 required fields, so the extraneous columns can be deleted from the csv file using Excel, then saved again

  1. Search for records.
  2. The message Search found nnn resources belonging to nnn bibliographic records will display.
  3. If the number of records does not exceed 1,000:
    1. Exportthe records.
    2. Download as CSV or MARC-21.
    3. Navigate to a suitable location on your local computer.
    4. Provide a suitably descriptive name for the file.
    5. Save the file to your computer.
  4. If the number of records exceeds 1,000:
    1. Exportthe records.
    2. Select either schedule for:
      1. Schedule for Pickup CSV, or
      2. Schedule for Pickup MARC-21.
    3. Please give this export a descriptive name.
    4. .
  5. The scheduled task will be moved to the Task Manager for overnight processing.  It can be collected next morning from Settings cog > Tasks > Completed and it can be downloaded.