While your Legacy Library Management System (LLMS) is being converted to Infiniti, you can continue to issue loans and do returns offline. When the conversion is complete and staging commences the loans and returns recorded offline will be merged with Infiniti by our Support Team.

The Offline Circulation App is attached at the end of this documentation. After installation, we recommend you practice using the app (perhaps by lending yourself a couple of books and then returning them) to become familiar with the processes involved. Note: These test loans will not be recorded in your LLMS.

Note: If you intend to use the Offline Circulation App you should commence using it either prior to the final backup of your LLMS being made, or immediately it has been made. Loans recorded in your LLMS after the final backup has been made will not be converted. Please advise us if you have used the Offline Circulation App during your staging webinar.

Important: The Offline Circulation App assumes that borrowers have barcodes and items being borrowed have barcodes at the time a loan is recorded. The barcodes for borrowers can be on a printed list or they can be on a personal ID card, and the barcodes can be either scanned in the conventional way or typed.

Download and Install The Offline Circulation App

  1. Download the attached file Infiniti Offline Circulation App - Onboarding.html onto your desktop circulation workstation/s where it will be used. The app is attached at the bottom of this page.

Note: The app can be installed on multiple circulation workstations simply by copying to each workstation or download it to each workstation.

Open The App

The app is a web page which runs in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, and Opera.

  1. Click the app to open it in your browser.
  2. Read the conditions of use at the top of the page.

Issuing Loans

  1. Open the app. Note: A new CSV file will be created and will remain active for the duration of the browser session.
  2. Scan or type the barcode of a patron (borrower). Note: Every loan must be registered against the borrower's barcode. If borrowers don't carry barcodes then it might be helpful to print a list of borrower barcodes from your previous currently library management system.
  3. Scan or type the barcode of an item this patron wants to borrow.
  4. Optionallyfor this loan. Note: Record a note if you want to make an observation about this loan (see Point 4 of the Conditions).
  5. Repeat Step 2 until all loans are recorded for the patron.
  6. Repeat Step 1 for a new patron.

Note: Unlike Infiniti, the Offline Circulation App has no intelligence. It cannot distinguish between a real barcode and any other string of letters or numbers. This means the operator is responsible for reading borrower barcodes when required and book barcodes when required. If the operator is not paying attention they could lend a book to a book, a person to a book, or a person to a person. The circulation operator must ensure barcodes are reading/recording correctly and that people borrow books.


  1. Read the barcode of each item being returned. Note: Once returned, the item can be re-loaned to the same or another patron.

Saving Circulation

  1. Check. Note: If you check autosave, check with your school IT support to ensure your configuration will not prevent autosaves from occurring. 
  2. on a regular basis as required.
  3. Each time you close the Offline Circulation app, the CSV file for that browser session will be closed. Each time you open the Offline Circulation app, a new CSV file for that browser session will be opened.
  4. CSV files will be saved on the issuing computer in whichever folder you have chosen.

Note: The Offline Circulation app can be used over an indefinite period of days.

Merging Offline Circulation Records

All Offline Circulation CSV files must be merged as a single batch process from a central location. If you use this app during the data conversion period from your legacy library management system to Infiniti, these CSV files must be merged either before you commence your staging webinar or before you commence circulation in InfinitiAdvise your trainer if you have been using the Offline Circulation App and have your CSV file/s available for upload into the Infiniti Community Support Server. Your trainer will offer instructions.