Terms and Conditions
Please read this page from beginning to end. Our Infiniti Onboarding Process is a collection of sub-processes across three phases for managing the transition of your school’s Legacy Library Management System (LLMS) to Concord Infiniti. The main processes are; scheduling conversion dates and times, LLMS database backup delivery, LLMS data conversion (moving your data into Infiniti), data checking by you, and basic PD.

The process has been designed to minimise disruption to your daily library services, particularly circulation services, and to deliver a quick and efficient transition to Infiniti.

As you would expect, Infiniti is different from your LLMS, so some aspects of the process are also designed to assist you and your library staff to become familiar with Infiniti. Often multiple schools are on-boarding simultaneously so timely communication and adherence to the agreed conversion schedule is a vital for your successful transition.

In a normal one-to-one conversion (one database to one database) you should allocate a turnaround time of approximately three (3) to seven (7) school days from the time we take delivery of your LLMS backup until you will be able to issue loans in Infiniti. If you are merging multiple LLMS databases into one Infiniti database or splitting a single LLMS database into multiple Infiniti databases then extra time will be required. Your schedule may have to be altered due to unforeseen circumstances, so you are advised to have a contingency plan should this occur.

After your data has been converted from your LLMS to Infiniti, your new Infiniti system will be available for you to use on our Staging Server for general search use but particularly for circulation processing and data checking. You are advised that, while operating on our Staging Server, your school will not be covered by our standard SLA and response times may be slower than normal.

Reality Check

Data conversion is a mixture of art and science - it is not a magic wand. Data conversion is best described as a data mapping process whereby we map your data from your LLMS to Infiniti. Our Conversion Team strives to ensure your data has been successfully mapped or converted from your LLMS to Infiniti. However, we do not know your data, we do not know how many migrations it has been through in the past, and we (and perhaps you) do not know the implication of past cataloguing rules and practices that have been in place in your library, nor the implications of those past rules and practices on the data you give us to convert.

These realities mean it is possible that at least some of your converted data may have to be corrected or manipulated by you after it has been converted to Infiniti. Infiniti provides built-in tools to assist you to make most data corrections.

An outcome of your conversion to Infiniti may also be the discovery of some data that should be corrected to achieve an optimum Infiniti experience, but for which there are no tools to assist you to make these corrections. Should this be the case our Conversion Team may be able to provide post-conversion data correction and manipulation services at then current service fee rates.

Our Conversion Team's Commitment to You

  • to adhere to the agreed data conversion schedule,
  • to inform you as soon as possible should the conversion schedule be compromised,
  • to put our best effort into converting the data you deliver to us into Infiniti format,
  • to load converted data into a new Infiniti database,
  • to perform data conversion in as timely a manner as possible,
  • to treat your data as your valuable asset,
  • to engage with you professionally and to treat you with respect when discussing the outcome of your data conversion,
  • to discuss any data conversion anomalies discovered and to seek your guidance prior to correction.

Your Commitment to Our Conversion Team

  • to adhere to the agreed data conversion schedule,
  • to inform our Conversion Team as soon as possible should the conversion schedule be compromised,
  • to provide our Conversion Team with only the data you want it to convert,
  • to provide our Conversion Team with information and data samples they request to assist them with your data conversion,
  • to engage professionally with our Conversion Team and to treat them with respect when discussing the outcome of your data conversion.