Transitioning from your Legacy Library Management System (LLMS) to Infiniti is called on-boarding. The Infiniti Conversion Team will manage your transition from your LLMS to Infiniti over the coming weeks and communicate with you, as required, during this period. 

The on-boarding process consists of four (4) sequential phases: Registration → Rapid Conversion (2 to 5 working days) → Staging (6 to 10 hours over a period of 5 to 10 school days) → Production.

Community Registration

Community Registration is very important for online support. You will be asked to supply the details of school staff who require access to Infiniti Community Support server. Please provide this information as soon as possible to enable our Support Team to register your school staff and invite them to join. Your school staff will be registered in our Infiniti Community Support server and must confirm their registration after receiving an individual email invitation. It is critical this registration process be completed.

Rapid Conversion Phase

  • starts with the delivery of an up to date backup of your legacy LLMS database/s from your IT Manager to our secure FTP site on the scheduled date.
  • continues with our Conversion Team doing a rapid conversion of your data to Infiniti to allow you to commence using it on our staging server – this is expected to take 2 to 5 working days for a single database conversion
Remember you cannot make any changes to your LLMS after you upload your backup.

A typical Rapid Conversion takes place on our Infiniti Staging Server and usually requires 2 to 5 working days to complete, although this time frame cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, within a few school days of us receiving your LLMS database backup into our secure FTP server you can expect to receive a message advising you that your converted data is ready for initial review via a simple OPAC search. Hopefully by this time you will have scheduled your staging webinar for a couple of school days after your conversion is complete. Following the staging webinar you will be able to start circulating in Infiniti (issuing loans, processing returns, and printing overdue reports). After staging finishes, your Infiniti will be moved to our Infiniti Production Server.

Timeline - Backup To Staging Webinar

The minimum lapsed timeline if approximately 5 school days in the following order:

  1. Your database backup is uploaded to FTP on the agreed date.
  2. You receive confirmation of receipt of your database backup.
  3. Your data is converted.
  4. You receive an invitation to search (OPAC only) your new catalogue on line.
  5. You participate in your (by now) scheduled staging webinar.

Staging Phase

Staging is the term used to describe the interim phase between restricted daily use and normal daily use of Infiniti. Staging commences with a webinar. During the staging phase you should limit your daily activities to circulation, OPAC and inspecting your converted data to compare it with your legacy data. At the completion of staging, your Infiniti will be moved to production phase (see below).

Your one (1) hour PD Staging Webinar will provide you with guidance on how and what to do during this phase. In brief, staging:

  • should be completed within 6 to 12 hours over a lapsed period of 5 to 10 school days.
  • gives you an opportunity to carefully cross check your LLMS data with the data converted to Infiniti to ensure that no data or records have been left behind.
  • allows you to report to our Conversion Team any missing or incomplete records.
  • allows our Conversion Team the opportunity to locate missing records or data.
  • is not a time for you to make changes to your newly converted data.
  • concludes when you advise our Conversion Team via your staging ticket that your data conversion has been successfully completed. Note: Our Conversion Team cannot process bulk data change requests not directly related to data conversion during this phase because such changes can compromise the conversion checking process.
    While in staging you are comparing data and records in your LLMS with the same data and records in Infiniti. If you report missing data or incomplete records our Conversion Team will investigate and attempt to correct these records. During this phase our Conversion Team may contact you by phone and/or email for additional information or clarification, and you may require access to your LLMS to address their questions.

Production Phase

Production is the term used to describe the normal day to day use of Infiniti. The colloquial term is go live. In production you are performing all normal library management tasks in Infiniti on a daily basis.