In modern cataloguing, sets of resources may be encountered sharing the same ISBN.  This occurs frequently with multiple readers, e.g., Dandelion series, Pocket rocket Readers, with the same ISBN allocated to a kit and/or the set of readers.

You can only import one title from SCIS or other Z3950 sources with an ISBN via Z3950.  Subsequent Z3950 imports will overwrite the original Bibliographic record.   There are 2 options:

1.  copy catalogue the imported Bib record and update each copied Bib record to match each of the titles in the set, or

2.  export the set of records from SCIS as a Marc21 file and import into Infiniti so it actually creates all the different Bib records with the same ISBN.

You can then add the actual barcoded copies to each specific title. eg.

1.  search in SCIS for the ISBN, save all the titles, then download as a .mrc file"

2.  Import the downloaded .mrc file into Infiniti:



3.  Use Reports > Catalogue >  Backward glance to list the new Bib records added since a date:

If you have added copies to one incorrect title, the incorrect copies must be purged and re-added to the correct titles.