Infiniti supports the printing of resource barcode labels locally (as an alternative to purchasing commercially pre-printed stationery) using either blank label stationery or plain A4 or US Letter paper. Print queues are prepared and held in the Resource Barcodes Print Queue, previewed in PDF and, when ready, printed onto your label stationery.

Creating A Resource Barcodes Print Queue

Best practice is to pre-print a number of pages of resource barcodes prior to cataloguing new resources. Prior to printing labels confirm the template you intend to use has already been created in the label templates library.

Prior to pre-printing barcode label stationery you must populate the Resource Barcodes Print Queue with the labels you want to print using one of the Built-in Barcode Schemes as defined in Configure Catalogue Settings. This queue will be maintained until you clear it. It can be cleared as part of the clear labels and queues process after any print run or at any time regardless of whether or not the labels have been printed.

Print resource barcodes:

  1. Choose Print Mode - Barcodes.
  2. Enter Barcode Header (Optional) as required.
  3. Batch of New Barcodes is selected by default.
  4. Choose Type of Barcode to print:
    • Incrementing Number - barcode based on a sequence of numbers comprising 5 to 18 digits.
    • Alice Compatible - barcode based on Alice format. 
    • Custom Barcode - choose from the listed Active Custom Barcodes.
  5. Range To Print:
    • New Range - a new (unused set of numbers) print run for the Type of Barcode selected above.
  6. First New Barcode is automatically determined by Infiniti. Note: You should not change this number.
  7. Barcode Quantity - nominate number of labels to print up to the maximum 200.
  8. Print Run Name - optionally name the print run for ease of future reference. Note: Name print runs to align them with prefix settings and intended label usage.

Clearing Print Queues

  1. - clear the currently displayed print queue.
  2. Also remove generated barcode ranges from history if you wish to permanently clear the queue. Note: If you do not check this box the print queue will be retained.
  3. - to confirm the complete the process.

The Resource Barcodes Print Queue will be retained and can be printed or reprinted at a later time until permanently cleared. Clearing the Resource Barcodes Print Queue panel does not clear the queue. Active queues can be displayed on the panel as required until you permanently cleared.    

Print Queue Options

  1. Clickto see draft print runs or to print to label stationery. Note: Barcode labels are printed to PDF prior to printing to selected stationery. 
  2. Delete labels from the set.

Clearing Print Queues

You can have one template for all barcode labels or you can create multiple sets of templates for multiple sets of barcode labels, e.g., different labels for senior library and junior library. You should experiment with different settings and print options to find the best combination for your label requirements.