Infiniti supports the printing of resource labels. You can print spine labels, barcode labels, and custom labels comprised of a number of attributes, e.g., barcode, title, author, library and other attributes, using a variety of techniques, fonts, colours, and layouts on standard metric or imperial size printer stationery. Labels can be printed on standard metric or imperial size printer stationery. Print queues are prepared and held in the label management area, previewed in PDF, and printed onto your selected label stationery.  

Label Template

Labels are printed onto standard or custom label templates. set of standard templates which can be edited is provided. The layout of data on labels is governed by the browser you use in conjunction with the printer used for printing your labels. You may have to adjust the settings of the templates provided, to achieve the print layout you expect. These adjustments must be made at your school with your browser and printer combination. Best results are achieved with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Resource Label Options

Three types of resource labels can be printed: 

  1. Spine labels.
  2. Resource Barcode Labels.
  3. Custom Resource Labels.