Authority files ensure data consistency and integrity in your catalogue and assist your school community to search your catalogue easily and effectively. Infiniti has five conventional authority file types; author, subject, genre, series, and publisher. It may also have a sixth authority file for curriculum tags. Librarian privileges are required to manage authority files which are created either automatically via importing MARC21 records, or manually via keyboard entry during cataloguing. Authority entries can be maintained, searched, created, edited, deleted, and/or merged.

Maintaining Authority Entries

New authority entries are automatically added to their respective authority file during Z39.50 cataloguing and importing MARC21 records. Infiniti also provides checks during manual cataloguing to ensure approved subject authority entries are added to their respective authority file.

Go to: Menu > Authorities > {authority type}

For each authority type you can perform the following actions to achieve the described result:

  1. Searchfor specific entries - display and scroll through the list in:
    1. Relevance order. Note: Relevance order is the default display order and displays the results with closely matching terms appearing at the top of the list.
    2. Alphabetical order.
  2. to Include Unused {authority}. Note: Unused authority terms are hidden by default.
  3. Edit specific entries - correct all records containing the entry.  Note: This process corrects all occurrences of the incorrect entry.
  4. Mergespecific entries - Merge From (incorrect entry) to Merge Into (correct entry) entries. Note: This process corrects all occurrences of the incorrect entry.
  5. Deleteunused and unwanted entries - remove the unwanted entry after confirming your action.  Note: Only entries with 0 uses can be deleted.
  6. Create and managesee and see also entries for subjects - build and maintain See and See Also authority files.
  7. See the total number{authority} entries - statistics.
  8. Display {number} how many resources are associated with each authority and link to those resources - statistics and access.
  9. Add{authority type} - create a new entry for that type.
  10. Genre authority only - use  button to upload custom images in Scalable Vector Graphics format. 

Note: Schools subscribing to SCIS may choose to import the SCIS Subject Authority File.  We recommend only importing the ASCII Reference version of the file.

Similar Authority Entries

If you choose to display unused authority entries, the authority engine will examine entries to try to detect entries that are similar and should perhaps be merged into a single entry. Entries suspected of being similar will display on a light yellow background to assist identification. Note: Similarity analysis is based mainly on punctuation and case and therefore may not highlight all entries that are the same.