Patron images can be appended to each patron profile and will display in a number of on screen reports and pages.

Preparing your Image

Image Recommendations:

  • between 20 - 50 KB.
  • image format should be either jpg or png format.
  • maximum dimensions 300 x 400 pixels.
Note: Bitmap images should not be used.

Note: When importing images, each image must be named to match the Admin System Id of the patron, i.e., {Admin System Id}.jpg, {Admin System Id}.png

Adding or Updating a Patron Profile Image

Go to: Settings  > Users
  1. Search for the patron.
  2. Click {patron name} to open the user profile.
  3. Click Add/Edit Profile Image.
  4.  to find the file.
  5.  the image.
  6. Click  to save the profile.

Note: Existing images are replaced with new images.