Patron images can be imported to provide a portrait of patrons in a number of functional areas across Infiniti.

Preparing An Import File

Image details or profile: 

  • Recommended size - 20 to 50 KB
  • Mandatory format - .jpg or .png
  • Recommended maximum dimensions pixels - 400h * 300w
  • Image layout - portrait
    Note: Individual patron images must be named using the patron's Admin System ID - naming pattern is adminSystemID.jpg.

Zipping Images

  1. On either a PC Windows or Mac computer navigate to the folder containing the images you wish to import.
    1. Highlight just the images to be imported. Note: Do not include any folders at any level.
    2. Zip the images using a common zip tool. Note: If your import fails try an alternative zip tool.
      Note: Zip files must be smaller than 100Mb.

Tip: Best practice is to prepare a trial import file with a small number of images, import these and confirm results prior to processing a bulk set of images.


Import Zipped Image File


Go to: System> Users> Import> Images

  1. - locate zipped file to import.
  2. - the images.

Note: you will receive a message at end of import saying '{number} images have failed to import' where n = 0 if all imported or n = the number of images that failed to match an existing admin id in infiniti.

Note: IT Technicians can choose to set up autoSync Patron Account Transfer And Update to run automatically.