Infiniti supports Renaissance Accelerated Reader (AR) by utilising data prepared and distributed by Pro, Inc. The data files are geographically oriented to international education regions - US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Schools synchronise their catalogue on demand with the respective data file for their region. When your school first starts using AR and subsequently after adding new bibliographic records to your catalogue, your catalogue is resynchronised with its AR regional data file.

Synchronise Your Catalogue

Go to: Configure > Integration > Reading Schemes

  1. Set Precision match preference:
    1. ISBNs - tag by ISBN only.
    2. ISBNs or main Title/Author - tag by ISBN or Title+Author combination. Note: This option uses fuzzy logic to determine a match with AR data for bibliographic records that do not have an ISBN and generally results in more matches than an ISBN only match. It is useful if your books have not been catalogued with ISBN.
    3. Switch Show Points In OPAC toif required.
    4. to resynchronise your collection with AR titles that have quizzes. Note: This processes all books in you collection with AR reading level information and should be done by you whenever you add new titles to your collection.
    5. The process will be transferred to the Task Manager and scheduled to run overnight.

Reading Level Displays

  1. Cataloguing:
    1. On thetab.
  2. OPAC search results:
    1. When the display is set to one book per row- reading level is displayed in the summary to the right of the book cover, e.g., Reading Level: 5.2 Ages 9 to 13.
    2. When the display is set to multiple books per row- reading level is displayed on the details page of each book.
  3. My Lists:
    1. Click theicon to display Reading Level. Note: The (middle reading level) will be displayed if a significant percentage of books on the list have a reading level.