You can choose to 'genrefy' your catalogue. The genre authority file serves as a defined bank of genres applicable to your catalogue, ensures data consistency and integrity of genre added to bibliographic records in your catalogue and assists your school community to browse your catalogue by genre.

Librarian privileges are required to manage your genre authority file which is populated either automatically via :

  • importing USMARC records that use the 655 tag to label genre, 
  • importing Z3950 records from other catalogues (incl. SCIS), or 
  • manually via the Genre Authority in Infiniti, or 
  • manually adding in the Genre field in the Bibliographic record. 

Note:  Genre authority terms can be maintained, created, edited, deleted, or merged. They can also iconised from a default set of icons.

Genrefy Your Catalogue

There are three (3) steps required to genrefy your library:

  1. Populate your genre authority file. Note: This must be done manually.
  2. Add genre to catalogued resources.
  3. Configure your library to allow patrons to browse your catalogue by genre.
  4. Optionally add or bulk update genrefied items to individual Genre Sections if you wish to actually shelve each set of genre items separately and stocktake as such.

Note: Optionally adding point 4 will require you to update your circulation rights to allow relevant groups of users to view and also borrow from those new sections.

Populate Your Genre Authority File

Go to:  Authorities > Genre

  1. All genre are listedNote: Importing MARC records, correctly using the 655 tag to identify genre, will populate the list automatically.
  2. Addto populate the authority file
  3. Selecta suitable icon for the genre. Note: to add custom SVG images, firstly click the button 
  4. Click + and upload the SVG image to the Genre label set in Infiniti
  5. Select the SVG icon for the genre
  6. Click.


Note: While there are no limits placed on the number of genres you can create in your authority file, most school libraries will have less than 50.

Tag Resources With Genre

Go to: Cataloguing > {locate a bibliographic record}

  1. Locate the Genre field for the bibliographic record.
  2. As you type the {genre heading} you wish to add, a list of already defined genres will display.
  3. Select a genre from the list, or if it does not exist, click on theto add it to the Genre authority and the record.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as required.
  5. Save.

You can also tag multiple resources with genre. 

Add Genre To Your OPAC Search Options

Go to: Configure > OPAC
  1. Under Available, checkclick for Genre.
  2. .