You may wish to assign Cross references in your Subject authority in order to return more meaningful and more expansive results.  Cross references can be updated in a complete SCIS Subject authority import .

The two additions to Subject headings are:

1.  See references are incorrect commonly used subject search terms that we wish to point to the correct term.  

     eg.  Add 'Tidal wave' which is a commonly used term (correct heading is Tsunamis) that is NOT found in the SCIS Subject heading authority

2.  See also references are existing related Subject headings which we wish to include in the Subject search results.  

     eg.  Search also for existing subject headings that are related : Ocean waves, disasters  

1.  Add these See and See also references to the Subject 'Tsunamis'.  

Go to Authorities > Subjects > Tsunamis > click on the blue spanner at right.


2.  a. Search the Opac by search term = 'Tidal wave' and all 'Tsunamis' subject resources appear

     b. Search by Subject  term = 'Tsunamis' and the See also headings appear and can be clicked to run that search.  eg.