Single Sign On (SSO, or single point of authentication, or automatic log on) refers to the process whereby a person who has successfully connected on to your school network can automatically access Infiniti and LibPaths without being asked to provide their identity details again. SSO reduces the need for patrons to remember multiple passwords and removes multiple authentication challenges from accessing Infiniti or LibPaths. SSO can be implemented to simplify access to Infiniti/LibPaths. 

Note: Single Sign On options are locally self-serviceable requiring the expertise of an onsite IT professional with experience implementing your desired SSO option. Remote services may be available from Communi Help Desk at current service rates.

Usernames and Network IDs

SSO can only be used if a person's username matches their network ID. If your usernames do not match your network IDs then your IT Manager must align them prior to implementing SSO.


Preparation for SSO

  1. Username - must match network ID to facilitate single point authentication.
  2. Populate the Settings> Integration > {authentication protocol in use} parameters and turn on your preferred authentication method.

SSO Options

How To Implement

Documentation and instructions for implementing SSO can be found embedded or linked on the respective tabs for each SSO type. Further information can be obtained from your authentication provider.