Occasionally a resource copy or copies may be added to an incorrect Bibliographic record.

  • This process requires renaming the barcode/s to be removed and reused
  • Removing the records for those barcode/s after renaming and 
  • Adding the original barcode/s to the new record/s. 

Note: You will also have to return any barcodes on current loan before renaming and/or moving the barcodes to another Bib record.  The barcode can then be re-loaned to the original borrower.

This process is accomplished more easily if the old Bib record (removing copies) and the new Bib record (adding the same copies) are opened simultaneously on separate browser tabs. ie. right click on the Catalogue menu and click on 'Open in new tab'.  This allows movement back and forth from old to new as the copies are renamed and removed, then added to the new Bib record.

1.  To move barcodes from one Bib record to a new one requires several steps:

Search in Catalogue or Opac > open the catalogue record, click on copies and edit each copy you wish to move:

  1. Alter the barcode. eg. add 'x' or 'old' to the end of it (allows original barcode to be re-used)
  2. Change Site to 'Removed resources' (optional)
  3. Change Section to 'Removed' (optional)
  4. change status to 'Removed'
  5. Save changes
  6. Repeat for each copy



When these steps have been completed:


  1. Catalogue > search to find an existing Bib record or create the new Bib record
  2. Click Add resource
  3. Add Site/Section/Supplier, Cost, etc. details
  4. Scan/type/paste all the copy barcodes into the barcode box and add them to the new Bib record.
  5. Return to the original Bib record if it has had all copies removed, and use the red on the Bib record screen to remove the Bib record.

Note:  It is a wise idea to record any original catalogue date, accession number, notes from the old copy record into the unique notes on the new copy record.