Many schools align their reading collection to one or more reading reading level programs or reading schemes. Infiniti provides simultaneous support for multiple reading programs. Each book in your catalogue can be tagged with levels applicable to each supported program.

Exporting a csv file from Infiniti for the relevant Reading SCheme:

  1. Go to: Reports > Catalogue > Resources > choose Site/section, etc. filters > Search.
  2. The message Search found nnn resources  belonging to nnn bibliographic records will display.
  3. If the number of records does not exceed 1,000:
    1. Exportthe records.
    2. Download as CSV.
    3. Navigate to a suitable location on your local computer.
    4. Provide a suitably descriptive name for the file.
    5. Save the file to your computer.
  4. If the number of records exceeds 1,000:
    1. Exportthe records.
    2. Schedule for Pickup as CSV
    3. Please give this export a descriptive name.
    4. .
  5. The scheduled task will be moved to the Task Manager for overnight processing.  It can be collected next morning from Settings cog > Tasks > completed and downloaded.

Note: the file will contain more fields than the 3 required by your Reading scheme (ISBN, Title, Author).  The CSV file should be opened in Excel and all extraneous columns deleted, then the file re-saved.

Setting Up A Reading Program

Note: Each supported reading program that you intend to use in your catalogue must be enabled within Infiniti before you can tag books with reading levels and interest/age levels.

Programs Currently Supported