Patrons (students and teachers) interact or interface with Infiniti via a specific presentation or display, sometimes referred to as a portal. Infiniti allows patrons to be allocated to specific presentation groups which in turn can be allocated alternative presentations of the Infiniti user interface. By default all patrons initially have the same default presentation but a library manager can craft and allocate alternative presentations to defined sets of patrons. 

Go to: Settings  > Display > Presentation Groups

Defined presentations groups are listed. You can create new presentation groups, edit existing presentation groups, and allocate or remove patrons from a presentation group. Note: A patron can belong to just one presentation group.

Create or Edit a Presentation Group

  1. Edit  an existing presentation group or create  a new presentation group.
  2. Type a suitable Name for the presentation group.
  3. Type a suitable Description for the presentation group.
  4. Check Use PicPAC Style if this presentation is to display the PicPAC search interface search interface. Note: PicPAC is generally reserved for younger students.
  5. Check the default Search Results Display Type - choose your preferred default presentation display for search results. Note: Patrons can switch between displays and all displays automatically adjust for the device being used:
    1.  - list display - 1 item per row
    2.  - grid display - 4 items per row
    3.  - grid display - 6 items per row
  6. Select a Portal from the drop down list.
  7. Upload a Logo for the display.
  8. Select a Stylesheet from the drop down list. Note: You can create and edit Custom Stylesheets.
  9. Click  when you are finished.

Allocate Patrons to a Presentation Group

  1. Click .
  2. To allocate one patron, click Patron {name} listed on the on the Available list to move it to the Selected list.
  3. To allocate multiple patrons:
    1. Search by name, year level or form class.
    2. Click  to move all names on the Available list to the Selected list.
  4. Click  when you are finished.