A Bibliographic record contains the metadata that uniquely describes an item, e.g., title, author information, ISBN, subject information, publication details, and similar uniquely descriptive data. An item's record consists of a bibliographic record (sometimes referred to as a bib record) and one or more holdings records (referred to as copies). 

A holdings record contains the metadata that uniquely describes each copy of the bib record, e.g., Barcode, Site, Section, Price, Local call number and similar data. 

A Bib record must be created before one or more holdings can be attached to it. It is possible to have a Bib record in Infiniti without having any attached copies, e.g., you may have an item on order and you are awaiting copies to be delivered, or all copies have been removed leaving the Bib record awaiting purchase of new copies.

 Bib records with no attached copies cannot be located in normal OPAC searching but can be located by library managers via the cataloguing screen by ISBN, title, author, etc.


Note: Bib records are never permanently deleted from Infiniti. When you remove a bib record it is archived along with all copies and their barcodes. You can remove one or more individual copies without removing the bib record.

To remove a bib record


Go to: Menu > Cataloging > locate the item by ISBN or Title > click on the Catalogue icon

  • Use  to Remove the bib record and ALL attached copies

Note: If the bib record and all copies are removed the item can no longer be found in normal OPAC searching. You can remove one or more copies without removing the bib record.

          Suggestion is to Bulk Update all copies with Status = Removed to Site and Section = Removed after culling is completed.  This ensures that the removed and archived copies are not seen 

          in the original Sites/sections and do not impact on reporting. 

To reinstate a removed bib record


Go to: Menu > Cataloging > locate the item by ISBN or Title > click on the Catalogue icon

  1. Locate the bib record using its ISBN or barcode
  2. Click on the catalogue button at right to open the record
  3. Re-add  the record
  4. Display
  5. View  removed copy
  6. Edit  the item's Status and set to On shelf
  7. Click 

For example:


1. Click on the reinstate button near the Save button to reinstate the Bib record.  Note: This does not automatically reinstate the attached copies




To reinstate copies:


Removed copies may be reinstated by clicking on the small blue link on the Copies screen, editing and changing status to 'on shelf'.  Save changes.  eg.