You can change the presentation of Infiniti to brand it with your school colors, enhance screen displays and modify some functionality. You can also create multiple presentations and allocate different presentations to different presentation groups. Presentation changes are accomplished using Custom Stylesheets (CSS) and are best implement by an experienced and skilled CSS programmer. 

Go to: Settings  > Display

Reviewing Style Sheets

  1. Your customized CSS is listed along with themed CSS.
  2. Custom Stylesheet (Everyone) shows the CSS currently in use. 
  3. Switch  Previewing (Yourself) to select a stylesheet from the list and preview it instantly. Note: These are samples only and should not be used directly.
  4. Click  to edit a CSS.
  5. Click  to add a new CSS.
Note: Changing CSS can have unintended and undesirable consequences on using Infiniti.

Note: The default CSS could be overridden in future upgrades.

Creating A Local Custom Stylesheet
  1. Copy the CSS closest to the presentation you desire.
  2. Add  a new stylesheet.
  3. Provide a suitable Name for the new stylesheet.
  4. Paste the Stylesheet Text code.
  5. .
  6. Switch  Previewing (Yourself) to select the new stylesheet from the list and preview it instantly.
  7. Set Custom Stylesheet (Everyone) to the new stylesheet to deploy it.
  8. Custom stylesheets can be allocated to Presentation Groups.