When culling resources, items must be marked 'Removed'.  Depending on whether all copies attached to a Bibliographic record are to be removed, you are able to Bulk update in 3 different ways:


  1. Bulk update by scanned barcode
  2. Bulk update from a report of selected resources
  3. Bulk update from a Bib record                                                          (See Bulk Update Solution)

Note :Bulk Updating of resource copies to status 'Removed' does not remove the Bib record.  This is to allow for retention of the Bib record to add new copies at a future date.  These Bib records with no holdings do not appear in Opac searches.

You may wish to Bulk update the chosen resources to Site = 'Removed resources' and Status 'Removed' if you wish to keep the removed records apart from the live catalogue.

The recommended way of removing the Bib record and all copies simultaneously, is to remove the Bib record itself with the red X on the Bib record screen and all attached copies will be Removed at the same time as the Bib record.  There is no need to use Bulk update if the entire Bib record is to be removed.


If Bibliographic records remain in your system that you wish to remove, click on the red X on the Bib record screen where you have already removed all copies.  The record will now be removed.

To find and list existing removed records, use the Reports > Catalogue > Resources > Status = Removed.

Note:  all removed Bib records and their copies are still able to found from the Catalogue search box and may be re-instated at a later date if the record is once more required.

Removed copies may also be re-instated and resource barcodes edited and updated to accommodate new copies. Alternatively new copies may be added to the re-instated Bib record.

Note:  Barcodes can NOT be re-used in new records; they can be modified in the Removed records if necessary to allow the original barcode to be recycled for a new resource.