Do you wish to add new resource copies without Suppliers, or with Suppliers (without raising orders and receiving them), and later view the invoices in Order history by Supplier?

If your answer is 'Yes', follow the steps below:

Step 1:

  • From the Cataloguing screen search box
    • Search for your required ISBN or Title
    • If your catalogue returns the required record, 
      • open an existing Bib record to add a new copy  
      • Click on the Copies tab and go to 1. below
    • If no record exists in your catalogue search,
  1. Import your Bib record from SCIS or other Z sources or....
  2. Create a new Bib record manually from one of the blue Physical Media icons (eg. Book, Video Disk, etc.) on the Catalogue screen, then ...
  • Click on the Copies tab 
  • Click on the button
    1. Choose Site,
    2. Section, 
    3. Status
    4. Budget
    5. Optionally tick Remember for me to retain catalogue settings for steps 1-4 for future copies,  When unticked Site, Section, Budget, Status will default to the settings stored in Configure > Cataloguing.
    6. Tick the Invoice number box and add Invoice number to produce a closed supplied order (not adding an Invoice number with Supplier will produce an Open order which will require closing at a later date as a Supplied order)
    7. Choose or type in the Supplier (NoteInvoice number is not required if no Supplier is chosen)
    8. Enter actual cost and optional Replacement cost if different
    9. Enter an optional Local call number if different to the Bib record Call number displayed
    10. Scan, type, or paste one or more barcodes (multiple copies can be pasted, typed or scanned into this box)
    11. Optionally add barcodes to new resources label queue
    12. Save changes

Sample copies added in Cataloguing:

Step 2.  View Closed orders in Order History

A. Using the Order history in Acquisitions to view the closed supplied invoices by Supplier.

  1. Click on Acquisitions menu
  2. Click on Order History tab
  3. Choose Supplier 
  4. Choose the cart for the required order/invoice

B.  View the contents of the cart:

C.  To View the contents of those orders which had Invoice numbers added in Cataloguing or Acquisitions:

  1. Click the  Invoice icon to view the Invoices
  2. Click the Invoice number to view the contents of that Invoice

D.  View the chosen closed Invoice:

  • Invoice number entered in Copy record
  • Date this record was created
  • Auto generated Order number as the full Ordering system was not used to enable specific Order numbers to be entered.

Note:  if you wish to add your own Order numbers, you should use the 
full Acquisitions Ordering and Receiving.  This enables orders to be emailed to suppliers, copies Received and Order history to be viewed.

3. Close Open orders and add to Order history for that Supplier

 To close Open orders where copies are already 'on shelf', or to remove an empty Open order: 
  1. Go to Acquisitions > Orders > Open orders
  2. click on the cart icon for the first order
  3. Click on the link  Supplied but not tracked in Infiniti 
  4. Pop-up shows that the Order will be closed but not tracked as there is no invoice number.
  5. click YES
  6. the order will disappear from Open orders and be stored in Order history for that supplier but with no Invoice number
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each open order
Note:  closing the orders in this fashion does not alter the catalogue record or copies in any way.