What is an electronic binder or ebinder?

It is an Infiniti Media type used for holding a collection of individual digital resources or links.  It binds digital resources together into a single unit and can be found by an Opac search.  All the attached links and files will open when clicked.


Let's say you have a number of digital resources (PDF articles, web sites, video files, podcasts) about various topics including tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, cyclones and other similar subjects. This group of resources may be useful for a Year 9 unit on natural disasters


Year 9 Natural Disasters ebinder can be created and the individual resources added to it. These resources will be available as a collection and each resource in the ebinder will also be available individually if wanted. A user who opens an ebinder sees the list of resources that comprise that ebinder and can open each link as required.

To create an ebinder:

  1. Use Cataloguing > ebinder template to create Bib record metadata.
  2. Click on Links and add Digital links and files

Adding links:

Use the '+Add Resource' button to individually add  the digital resources for this ebinder.

Click here to see detailed steps for adding multiple Digital links to a resource.